Saturday, March 04, 2006

This feels wrong...

So I have been cutting things close for a while finishing up a project on the way to the airport and emailing my paper in 15 minutes before it was due. This emailing thing requires email which reqires internet which requires technology This either requires a password to break into our neighbors wireless or a trip to the library. I am not a very good hacker so guess where we are. This is bad for all of the reasons causing the ramble the other day but good for two reasons. 1 My mother can feed her addiction 2 I can publish my thoughts from my travels yesterday.

Consider thoughts published...

We are the neo-yuppies, a population of the same. We are well dressed attractive and so civil it will make you sick, but we are not nice. We do not make eye contact and we do not ask questions. We like us and are very suspicious if you are not us. We will scrutinize your every action, expression and bit of apparel and look with disapproving question if it does not resemble us. We would never think of dressing in something other than designer, even to work out.

We are always put together even if we are traveling with two young children. Are children are being everyday groomed to be the future us. We dress them in matching Patagonia fleeces when they are small and cart them around in designed strollers reminiscent of our SUVs and send them to private school as soon as they are old enough.

We find nothing wrong with walking around with an I-pod earbud in one ear and our hands free cell in the other telling to our business partner ‘I don’t think the new guy can cut it’ in the same breath as ‘that Starbucks is calling my name.’ If you asked us we would tell you that we agree with ideas like conservation of national parks, fair trade, helping those poor people in the third world, and recycling. If you looked at what we do you would realize that we have not thought these things through beyond the warm fuzzies we get when we drop a few coins in the Salvation Army well at Christmas.

I am not a Neo-yuppie. I am sitting here typing on my laptop with my cell phone close at hand yes, but I am sprawled out on the floor by the window. Every yuppie that passes by me looks twice and again to confirm that I am real, I am smiling at them, and I have a ring in my nose. (I like the double takes specific to the ring- these are new and met with more disgust than the normal looks.) If I was feeling slightly less introspective I would walk up to one or a few and comment on the fact that I don’t believe in the social constructs of deodorant, shampoo, or undergarments and that I buy organic. No one is shocked that I have become a happy hippie child. I am just trying to learn how to be my happy hippie self without hating the damn yuppies. I mean they are allowed to hate the damn dirty hippies, but hate and hippies do not go together. In my life I will suffer through a myriad of tropical diseases and maladies, but antimony drugs can help me and I don’t especially mind having my own personal ecosystem so long as it doesn’t kill me. These poor people suffer from affluenza; they grow nothing but interest and money cannot buy a cure. I should pity, not hate.

A final note- An add from the plane flight: "Without you we would just be a bunch of TV's flying around the country."

No hay mas-Jn


The Steve said...

There are so many awesome points/quotes in there I can't even pick just one to highlight...but some of them are now going in my quotebook

Ramblin' Ed said...

So what. Yuppies, I mean. Live and let live. The travel, the human interactio, the problems and the way you figure out how to neutralize them, all make you a real person. And they all make you an interesting person. And another and, they make you comfortable with yourself. A lot of money and shiney furniture do not do these things.

So just forget that they're there... except when driving. Because when they're driving they're in a big ass car with a cell phone in one ear and a bubble of oblivion to keep them comfortable. They will sideswipe you, I am pretty sure.

If you do need someone to dislike and distrust, try politicians. They're all up to no good anyway.

Later, hippie girl.