Monday, March 13, 2006

Something like this...

Break It All Down (03/13/06 - Ipswich)

It's the perfect kind of day
To take it
Make it
Break it all down
For me
For you
I like the sound of us
Just because
The perfectest two
Beyond true
Because it never was
An unfortunate fact
What you used to lack
The 'know' of past tense
Is never 'know enough'
When matched with 'know now'
And somehow we missed it
Ways came and went
Time well spent
On nothing and all
It's the way the tide flows
Rolls in and out goes
Those ideas I never had
I should have had
Could have had
Would have if I had
It's just too bad
Chance out of luck
You're happily stuck
And I can't blame you
Any more than me
But I'm still free my friend
If you decide to roll the dice again


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