Thursday, March 16, 2006

Drill bits and two pieces

Been thinking a lot about what if's. The big one is what if I had gone to school there instead. It's not like what if's to change things, just to throw some perspective into the wind and see where it lands. I could be this happy had I made a few descisions differently (big or little) but I bet I would be a different person. I am where I want to be, where I need to be, doing my thing, not complaining, just thinking.

No name yet (3/14/06 -Ipswich)

How many times will I look your way
And wonder why
How many times will you pass by
That make me want to say
I’m sorry for those time when
And those things I said
And those moments I could have
When I spoke instead

To Hear You Say (3/16/06 -DPS)

I am happy where I am
I’m not happy where I’m not
I suppose I could be more than happy
But happy’s all I got

I can look to tomorrow
And hope to hear you say…
But if I’m pining for tomorrow
Then I ain’t got today
Catch my eye and I’ll close them
Smile, I’ll look away
Otherwise I might need to want to hear you say…

But I’m happy where I am I think
And not happy where I’m not
I suppose I could be more than happy
But right now happy’s all I got

Propaganda (3/15/06- Penthouse)

Well if you no means yes

Then I guess we all agree
There is no problem
Never pain
No broken bones
Away away
I digress
Duress duress duress
But never distress




The Miner said...

That's Interesting!
keep posting...

Ramblin' Ed said...

Yep, I agree. Happy's all I've got.