Thursday, March 23, 2006

We live here

So stolen from Lu's blog...but not really stolen because I was there too, she just wrote it down first...

“it makes me sick to see that font size” - JJ
“yes, but I saved like half a tree” - Steph!
“it would be easier to save trees by killing beavers” - Jn
“that is so fundamentally wrong” - Tybo
“because you can’t get paper from beavers!” – JJ

Somehow on tuesday we all ended up in the penthouse 'working.' There was more than a little commotion and lots of idealistic road trip planning and rolling of prof eyes but some work did get done. Have I mentioned how happy these people make me? Tybo came over last night to entertain me and by entertain I mean we both sat in the same room doing homework and only speaking when we had a question or the dog did something strange. I don't know if it worked for him but it was pretty much exactly what I needed.

Shift is over...the day begins...

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Lu said...

...well, i know. perhaps i should have used the phrase "someone who wanted to exchange saliva with me" for "significant other"