Thursday, January 05, 2006

Because I want it to fit

Dance with Both Feet (12/17/05- In a drummers basement)

Waltz back over this way
And share my bottle of wine
Baby I can see it now
We’ll do it right this time

There ain’t no use in hiding
SPACE My God can’t you see it
I can see it in those eyes
SPACE I’ve danced on far past this
My pretty purple darling
SPACE Your pretty purple something
You leave me no surprise
SPACE Doesn’t trust your bright light promises

SPACE You love me and you leave me
SPACE Do you think that I can’t see
SPACE I’m tired of doing right by you
SPACE When you can’t do right by me


(The purple is suposed to be scooted over a little bit but I can't convince blogger that it likes this idea. I have sort of cooerced it into compliance but I dont like my solution. If you know how to make it work can you let me know?)


Ramblin' Ed said...

Blogger hates my formatting preferences also. I get around it by abandoning my preferences.

Anyway, I usually let you know my favorite line. Today is no exception. This is near brilliant:
My pretty purple darling
Your pretty purple something

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Try text indent, although I'm not sure that the example at this website will indent the text, but will place it into another paragraph.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

What the gentleman meant to say was, "Their example will ident the text, but I think the "p" will generate another paragraph." However, it should give you a base to start with and maybe play around with it some and get it to work the way you want.

You can always google "css" or "cascading style sheets" and find a boatload of websites that give examples of HTML code.