Monday, January 23, 2006

You cannot imagine how excited I am. Well maybe you can but I AM that excited. Like wet my pants excited. Like strip and run around the quad screaming excited. Like ring the stupid bell excited. Like set a couch on fire on the quad excited. Actually I have done none of these things and I don't really understand why they are things you do when you are excited but they seem to happen on campus in celebration. I however do not live on campus. I did my own little dances and smiled a whole lot, made some obligatory phone calls. You know the drill. We are going to the Super Bowl damnit!

Four years of wandering around this god-forsaken frozen tundra of a Red-Sox Nation where people care about baseball 370 days out of a year but only care about football when their team is good and think this makes a true fan. I heard so much about that stupid dynasty. So much about how the Steelers couldn't cut it, couldn't handle it. Four years of this garbage. Five even. When we came up here to visit campus the Steelers played the Pats in the playoffs and lost. I was heartbroken and beaten down and trod on and sad. (in memory enough sad things happened when I visited here that I donno why I came at all) That is when I decided I hated the Patriots on principle. I will admit that they are a good football team but that doesn't mean I have to like them-ever. I did cheer for them last weekend because I wanted desperately for us to meet again in the playoffs. This year it was our turn to win, to prove it to the Patriots that we had ourselves all together, but they didn't really bother to come out to play. This time it is them all balled up and we didn't have to beat them. For once I was surrounded by people cheering for my beloved team. Their teams had fallen one by one over the course of the season and they were left only the Steelers to cheer for. The most recent comers were those New England types with murderous "I hope you destroy them" "This game will be a slaughter" wishes for the Broncos. Well boys and girls we can in fact give you your dreams. Denver went home embarrassed and we are off to Detroit. Hugs all around.

But you do know what this means don't you? Our beloved Jerome Bettis, is gonna retire. He is going to the Super Bowl, in his home town no less. What a better way to go out than that. My favorite sign from the game was "Detroit recalls bus number 36 Super Bowl XL" No one can blame him at this point for going out with a bang like that. The question is, do they announce it after we win or do they wait a week or so? Also, does everyone else love his mom as much as I do? I tell you what, she should be doing those Campbell's Soup commercials except for I don't actually like them and as 5L pointed out, if a mom really cared about her boys wouldn't she make her own soup for um instead of opening up a can? Come on now.

mmm... life is good-Jn


Ramblin' Ed said...

I know exactly how you feel. I feel it less often, and for a team other than the Steelers, but I do know.

It is most unfortunate that my team is out of the playoffs 5 games efore the season ends every year, but who said being a loyal fan was gonna be easy?

With that said, I have been pulling for a Steelers-Panthers game since the playoffs began. The Steeles are one of my favorite teams, and should be one of EVERYBODY'S favorite teams and they are fun to watch.

Betcha the Seahawks give 'em a run for their money, but in the end, it'll be Pittsburgh's run game that does them in.

The Red Queen said...
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The Red Queen said...

Jn, I wrote about your post in mine. I would link to you but you are not up to speed there.

Anonymous said...

Well well well. It's about time that your team finally made it back to the big game. Just remember though, you would've lost to us (NE) in our house, just like you have done so in the last couple of years!!

But not all of Red Sox Nation forgets about the Pats during the off-season. The Sox just happen to dominate all seasons, just look at the news regarding the team for the past five days or so...actually you can go all the way back to November: Theo, is he coming or going? HE'S THE GM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! Show me another team in any sport in this country that is concerned as much us about who their GM is!

But enough about "The Nation". Back to the pigskin. Was I surprised about our loss to Denver. Not at all. Did I root and cheer for them. Absolutely. Did I finish watching the game. Didn't need to, I knew the outcome already and like I said was not surprised.

We had a great season, but faced a lot of injuries. That's the nature of the game (granted most of them came at the hands of the goons from Western PA). We build on what we did this year and come back next year and kick the snot out of Indy, SD, Pitt, Denver and everybody else for that matter.

We'll make some noise in the off-season though, but not on a daily basis like the Sox but more so than the B's and the C's. In fact, no one really cares for them now and they are right in the middle of their seasons. It's always been that way, even during the prime years.

But like I said I was rooting for the Stillers to kick the snot out of the horsies (like everyone else in NE) but no more. Matt Hassleback is local hero here from his days at BC. Lofa Tatupu is the son of a former Pat's player Mosi Tatupu. So...GO 'HAWKS!!!!!!!

BTW, You can use that snot rag to wipe away your tears.

Can't you just feel the love?