Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm too cold to get up and make breakfast

I am going to get up shortly and my myself a proper breakfast. It doesn't happen as often as I would like these days. I realized that the majority of my words in the past while have been in a poemacious form and while there is nothing wrong with that I am going to add a little else for the purpose of update.

I am back at school and rather bitter about it. See I knew this would happen this me back at school business but I never really reconciled myself to this fact. So now here I am back and expected to go to classes and I don't want to go. No one asked me if I wanted to go. No one thought that maybe it would bother me at all. They just said your classes are at this time and this time. Get your ass to campus on time. I have only actually been to 3 class sessions so far too because my schedule is strange.

I have also worked a good deal right of the bat. Seems it is known that I am a sucker for DPS and can't say no to an open shift without a really good reason. I'm still not done covering the bits and broken pieces shifts while they hire new dispatchers. I keep pushing for a full like head dispatcher position and a hiring of me but we all know that won't happen. I don't know why i want that job anyways. In related news. KL is back on the north shore and she is gonna be 107. This makes me more than a little happy. I haven't seen her yet even though I was supposed to help her unpack last night. It just sort of couldnt happen and now I dont know when it will but I'm surviving. I havent seen her since like what spring break last year. Thats far to long a span for a friend like her.

Did I mention I am also a cranky pants? I have been all balled up basically since I got back in MA. I am still trying to figure out why. Part of it I think is that I havent been to church in forever. I missed it last Sunday because of poor planning and I am still not over that fact. I am also not really sleeping much or well or at all (coupled with working stranger hours this means an exhausted Jenn). I basically come home stupid tired and its like 5 oclock. I manange to scrounge some form of respectable dinner and make my way to bed. This needs to change but until I figure out the source of this malady I will just float through. I mostly need to get over myself and quit whining but when I am this tired pretty much everything is a huge deal. At least I didn't get sick.

The positive news from the front is that I have had good chats with several friends and forsee meals, outings, football games, or other mutual events in our futures. Some of them I might never see again because schedules are stupid but hey I'm not going to think about that yet. Me and MK are planning homework parties to keep ourselves on track which will be amazing if it works. No more of this imcomplete garbage for Jenn. We are also planning happy hippie communes in various places round the country. She wants to head to Chicago because the North East is deeply unsettling to her being and I am planning mine up around these parts because the lack of topography in the midwest kills my soul. The idea is to gather a group of like minded people and stick them in whatever house best suits them based on temperment or job/grad school opportunities. We are both currently accepting applications and want to start acting on our plans as early as this summer. I'm excited.

Now I will go eat breakfast mostly because i am bored with myself. . .

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