Saturday, January 28, 2006

.:.:.Breaking News.:.:.

<><><><>We interupt your previously scheduled broadcast to bring you this breaking news announcement. <><><><>

Good Afternoon. I am Dan Tratopolis and I am here at the scene of what appears to be a horrific accident. Police scanners indicate that a car carrying two female passengers apparently lost control when crossing a bridge. It looks like they broke through the barrier and are now sitting stranded on the ice. Scanners also indicate that they are on the phone now with emergency services and that the police are currently trying to figure out how to get the girls off of the ice. They don't think it is strong enough to hold the car for much longer. The images you see off to the side are from SkyKam4 where Nadine Brewer is reporting. Nadine what do you see?
{helicopter noises}Thank you Dan. It appears that yes there is a car out on the ice and it does have two female passengers. Amazing. The ice is so thin it is a miracle that they didn't fall through.

{cuts back to Dan}Miracle. ::Cough:: yes one of those Nadine. Thank you. We are now out on the ice much closer to the car. Look there are the two female passengers. What was that? Oh my goodness! Folks this is amazing. There are reports of some strange monsters now out on the ice. We are sending you back to Nadine. Nadine?

{helicopter noises}Yes Dan this is crazy. There are large dinosaur-like creatures moving out from the trees and on the the lake. It looks like they are surrounding the car. Yes. The girls inside look terrified. Dan you had better head back to the van this could get messy.

No way Nadine. This is amazing. We are moving closer to the car. It is in fact surounded by dinosaurs that came from the woods near by. And the are closing in on the car. If we can get just a little closer. Yes! Look at this. Simply amazing. I think he is going to bite the front end.

{At this point a large green tail is seen to sweep towards the camera. There is some random flailing accompanied by screaming and some chomping and crunching noises. Then everything turns to static}

{helicopter noises}Dan? Dan? What is going on? They have moved away from the vehicle and are chasing after some people that were on the ice. Dan?

<><><><>We interupt this previously unscheduled broadcast of Breaking News to send you back to The World Spins Through Time which is already underway. If we find News Crew 3 and Dan Tratoplis we will be sure to let you know<><><><>


The Red Queen said...

Have you been in the absynthe again?

Lu said...

= makes my night. if only that happened in real life (the dinosaurs part, not so much the missing news crew part)

Ramblin' Ed said...


Those are the same monsters that I let baby sit my cat.

Babysit my cat, you ask? Yes. One monster will keep them occupied for hours. Fortunate for me, unfortunate for the monster.

Like in any good tragedy, the monster dies in the end.