Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy hippie house

Sometime I am going to live in a house with a bunch of happy hippies. I kind of already have. Friend Adam doesn't actually like hippies but somehow he is friends with Ewal and he likes me too. There was going to be more about the happy hippie house here but it is way past my bed time (someone got me sick). Suffice it to say that Friend Adam was talking abotu damn dirty hippies so they were in my head...

Dancing in the Rain (01/09/06)

A harmonica is all I need
So long as he has his guitar
We’ll sing songs we’ve collected together
Share our life in your coffee shops and bars
Sure we dance when ever it rains
And we don’t like to wear our shoes
We believe in beauty and love and peace
But don’t you wish that you could too?

We’ve got a house with some big maple trees
And good friends who live around
I know you’re not be glad that we moved in
Afraid we’ll change the feel of your town
You’re thinking ‘Goddamn dirty hippies
It’s kids like these that we don’t need
Let a few in here and then
They’ll breed like rabbits, spread like weeds’

So what if I have some intimate friends
Who need shelter for a while
How can you ask me to do less
Than bringing them in with a hug and a smile
We believe in helping each other
We think it’s the way things should be
It’s what happens when you start to look for
Things like beauty, love, and peace

You’re worried about the droves of children
That we have not yet had
Thinking we will all starve to death
Or that they won’t know their dad
But our children won’t get rickets
And we will teach them how to read
They will know how to multiply
And they live with beauty, love, and peace

Yes, his hair may be as long as mine
And I don’t wear a wedding band
But we have our love and our music
We don’t need your five-year plan
I may not care for money
And he may not care for fame
But I promise you we have all we need
Beauty, love and peace,
Dancing barefoot in the rain



Dan said...

you rock Jn~ you really should quit with the whole bio thing and take some writing classes, or just write and find a publisher. People would laugh and be amazed, like me just now.

Sara H. said...

That is brilliant. I agree with Dan that you should consider publishing- this stuff needs to be shared!