Friday, January 20, 2006

Behold. . . good things

Can I just mention that I am the coolest person in the world. Yesterday anyways.

This is Myrtle. She weighs something like 650 lbs and lives in the big tank at the New England Aquarium. I fed her.

I also got to feed (and pet) multiple Trigger Fish, Bristle Fish, and Permit. This was after wandering around the aquarium when it was empty looking at cool stuff, watching the penguins for ages, and gazing longingly at all the amazon exhibits. I know more about the catfish parasite than the parasitology proff and I impressed the guys in the vet hospital with my 'vast' knowledge of herps and rain forest critters and mostly with the fact that I was too excited about my life and life in general to sit still. Did I mention that they also took us to the sea turtle hospital and I got to see wee Kemp's Ridley turtles (not so wee as to be just hatched... more like one year old wee) which are like wicked endangered. Oh and they have breeding amazonian turtles which is crazy cool cause turtles are so picky about breeding conditions (they are endangered too).

And the whole time through they were like "You guys seem to like this sort of thing more than we expected can we show you something else? Do you want to try this here? Would you like an internship? How about a job? I have a scholarship for students like you. Dr. Blend would you like to do a guest dive in the aquarium? These people in your area would love volunteer help. Here have some cool stuff."

The whole point of this was to take some pictures for StillPoint (which I rather detest on principle) and various other Gordon publications for the sake of the sciences. I don't really like pictures but I will be a freaking poster child if they let me play in that tank baby. Me and Myrtle man, we are tight now.

Skipping class -> SO worth it.


The Red Queen said...

Jn- Good things come to those who watch expectantly. You have gifts untold and while the world may not be fully ready for you, you are ready to take on part of this world. Go for it. I think the job thing has a good ring to it.

Lu said...

rock. super big rock.

Dan said...

As soon as I started reading I read really fast and did a little bouncy thing in my chair. I knew you would be excited writing it so I read it like you were telling me in person :)

big gulps huh?