Sunday, January 15, 2006


I am sitting here bored at work again and waiting for words to come. Maybe something profound from the ashes in my head. I watched both football games today. I wasn't really thrilled with either of them. The first because it was really like a non game most of the way through and the second because I wanted the patriots to win. Not because I like the patriots mind you but because I wanted them to play the Stillers next week. Now it won't happen...unless the stillers lose (which is inconceivable) and they decide to play a game of pick up ball next week and randomly televise it. Needless to say I was a very sad Jenn.

I'm bored. Lets see what words will come. . .

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Morris said...

Cheer up!

Someday you will be doing something you want to do. Or that magical guy will come along that will sweep you off your feet and then you won't care how crappy your job is!

Mr. Morris
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