Tuesday, January 17, 2006

That would be a mistake

We have this game at my house. It seems really simple, almost accidental but who is to say. It goes like this. Someone sings a song. Someone else hears that song but doesnt learn the words. The song gets stuck in their head and is reborn in whatever words come out.

Past favorites at this game include:

- It's cheese that makes the world go round

- Over my head I smell bacon in the air

- Canned peas, they never get dirty

- Canned peas, canned peas out on the front porch

If you want to include inuendo changes we can include:

-My old dan is always ready

Mostly they are camp songs and mostly they involve food. (I am trying to think of any that don't and I am drawing a blank.) This is because 5L and Jn know a plethora of camp songs and most of our life together involves the kitchen in some way shape or form. Some songs are choir songs and some just happen to happen.

A reprint of sorts: Upon further review of the songs in question and taking in to account that Kt reminded me of another song, choir songs and camp songs are tied 3 and 3 and there are some extra random songs thrown in. However, I know I am missing several. Apparently there is also a new choir song that is sufficiently strange enough to warrant me being eager to learn it, but the housemates REFUSE to teach me. I'm just gonna wait it out. If it is worth it eventually they will sing it around me without thinking and then it will be mine forever... or until the corner of that 2x4 meets me on the forehead.

The current song up for distruction (distraction?) is called The Baby Sitter's Here by Dar Williams. The actual lyrics are as follows. . .

She's the best one that we've ever had
She sits on her hair
And she's tall as my dad

Now after 2 days in my house this song only resembles itself in tune and meter. I think I am going to wait to tell you what it has become currently because it is still becoming other than it was. However if you want to play our little game then just sing the song in your head for a while and see what ends up popping out. Be sure to let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn.

katie said...

Don't forget-

"But yet the Lord was not in the ice cream!" from the Elijah oratorio

which by the way, though most of those are in some form camp song there's quite a few tunes from choir in there too

Coal Miner's Daughter said...

I did forget. . . i haven't had ice cream in a while. :)