Friday, April 28, 2006

The beauty of the rain is how it falls

Paint with the Gray Rain (04/28/06 - RRC)

Can you tell me?
How is it that this rain
Falling gray on gray
Gray on brown
The shocking cold stuff
On dead and frozen ground
This great wet stuff
That brings sleepy thoughts
Warm cups of tea and poetry
Also turns the world new
Brings spring in bright colors
Browns all to green
Grays all to blue
And speckles with flowers
And sunshine smiles
All there is to see?


Why is it that I write the most when I am at work (or supposed to be doing something else). I always fancied myself as a hammock with beer type of girl, listlessly scrawling on journal pages while I am kissed by ocean breezes. ::Shrug::

Four days of classes left EVER!...until grad school. Crap!...and I need to take the GRE's sometime. CRAP!...Finals start next Friday, Graduation garbage the Friday after.
Between now and G-Day I have to attend 7 classes, complete 4 theatre lab hours, watch and write a review of an off campus play, attend an on campus play, write and 'perfect' a script, present said script in class, complete 3 late and 1 current homeworks and 1 late project, attend various review and study sessions, take 2 exams, plan something Wicked Crazy to do for this reading day (I already have enough holes and I am not really in to the whole tattoo thing but what else do you do on reading day...oh yeah!) and then actually go through with it, celebrate a birthday, attend the senior formal, work, sleep, eat, and maybe shower.

What you may or may not get out of this list is a play script if it has redeeming qualities about it and some pictures of reading day/the formal/graduation if they interest me enough. The day begins...

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Ramblin' Ed said...

That was really good. I liked the grays and brown parts especially. And by the way, work is kinda over rated. Try to get paid for having fun instead.