Monday, April 17, 2006

if I could

I would write about Holy Week and Easter but it went too deep. I would write about break but boredom doesn't make stories even if it is good boredom. I would write about today but I got lost and therefore today doesn't exist. I would write about 104.5 but he hasn't been born yet. I would leave you with a poem but I can't keep the emotions and thoughts long enough to make it count. Instead you get semi-orphan words. They need a something...I don't know if they will ever get it.

It’s a lie to say I’m not anxious but
I’m not quite counting down the days
Cause lord knows where I will be
When you aren’t so damn far away

It seems cheap to say I miss you
I never really saw you anyways
But I promise I’d try harder
You’re just too damn far away

I worry that you’ll disappear
This is all some wishful haze
Or that you’ll find her again
When you’re not damn far away

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