Saturday, April 08, 2006

Scientist in the Kitchen

Recipe of goodness...Try #1

approach. 6 apples that would need to be composted tomorrow otherwise
Soft Butter
Brown Sugar
An Egg
A wee bit o' milk

Serves: My house.

Choppy up the apples and stick um in a casserole dish that fits them rather well. Don't bother with pealing them because there has to be some value to the skin and you are lazy. Mix some quantity of the next 4 ingredients together in a dish then swirly them in with the apples. (I put this in the preheating oven at this point just to speed things along...I don't know how much that helped) Reusing the same dish crack your egg and swirly it around with some nutmeg vanilla milk and salt (like your making french toast really). Then add what feels like too much oatmeal and throw more brown sugar in with all of that. It should be kinda yellower than you're especially comfortable with and the consistency of really thick peanut butter. Spread this goodness out on top of the apples et. al., sprinkle the top with some more oatmeal for kicks, and bake it at 350 until the house smells like amazing and there are goo bubbles where the crust didn't cover.

Notes: The apples part really just tastes like your generic baked apple whatsit. If you live in a not cinnamon-free house I would throw some of that in. I was really rather impressed with my attempt at a crust and will most likely use that again for something. I don't know if trying to use it as a bottom crust will work because I am afraid it will not get crunchy and golden brown good if it has apple sweat all over it from the baking process. I will probably still try this at some point, when I have more apples that should probly be composted tomorrow.


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