Sunday, April 30, 2006

A few days together ago

This is what birthday presents look like at my house, kinda creepy but still color coordinated.

As a description of the day would be silly and tiring, a list of words that describe my birthday (and the day before which is the day that most things happened):
funny shirt, bells, work, book, instant oatmeal, rejection letter, job offer, words, classes, left over white chili, suspicion, friends, 'Americanism', coersion, tea, alumni, confusion, hunger, wandering, Chinese food, esperma deforme, FIRE, phallic place ware, more confusion, kick ass cake, candles, ocean, waves, stars, rocks, shooting stars, dark, trails, new boy-friend, couple, cold, shivering, lying, slow driving, box, chocolate, strainer, sleep, dreams, sleeping in, shower, words, phone calls, graduation business, green dogs, left over Chinese food, Headache, nap, missed appointment, serious disapointment, creepy happy present wrappings, cotton notebook, kittens, lateness, plays, Dexter, Jone's cream soda, daisies, plays again, phone call, sleep

By the way, green dogs like cake (!) and Kashi (!) and dandilions and... insence sticks (?)

Green Dog

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shuff said...

hey you, welcome to pennsylvania : P have a good time - it's possible i might be moving again - rooming with a married couple of friends - north shore still.

oh and hey i just found your flickr page - that made my midnight : )