Thursday, April 13, 2006

Life and love in the RRC*

So we** at public safety like animals and tend to watch them via security make sure they are secure or something. Last year our friend the duck moved in to the bushes at the entrance gate. As far as housing choices go this was a BAD one. Between the main ingoing and outgoing campus roads, with a dispatch shack on one side and a fairly busy road on the other. Regardless she was there and she wasn't moving. Some mornings (we worked a lot of overnight shifts last year) she would wander across the road to a vernal pool to get breakfast and we would cross our fingers against her getting hit. As luck would have it we were working the morning the babies took their first walk and we hailed a former public safety employee turned grass mower to stop traffic and direct them across the road. There were a lot of babies. I have no clue how many made it because they didn't show up at RRC any more after that. We never really saw daddy much to begin with so we don't know what happened to him either.

Fast forward one year. We again work a lot of overnight shifts with a random morning shift thrown in for kicks. We continue to watch animals via camera and guess what the birds finally found the bird feeder. (We have a woodpecker this year in addition to the upsidedown hanging bird and your standard eat at the feeder birds- this is exciting if you hadn't gathered already) Joy of all joys, Roger and the receptionist (who's name currently escapes me) are back. Um...Roger and the receptionist are as married as ducks actually can be...and they are looking for a nest. They have decided against the previous location but are scouting out roadside venues up in the hinterland parking lot and under the trees on some rock piles. Apparently these are the rugged, push the limits of livable habitat ducks not your pansy waterfront-only yuppie ducks. They haven't committed to a place yet, but I will be sure to keep you posted.

-Batman (Jn)

**The views expressed in this 'blog' in no way represent the feelings of Gordon College, the Department of Public Safety or its employees, students, or subsidiaries, save one rather questionable, recalcitrant and perhaps derelict member of the community. Heretofore and hereafter all uses of the plural including but not limited to 'we' and 'our' should refer only to the proprietress of the aforementioned 'blog'

*I don't know that I ever defined RRC though I use it with some frequency because I spend a lot of time here...and write here a lot too. RRC is the dispatch shack/shed/hut more properly known as the Roger Reception Center.

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