Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If you lived here, it would be snowing now

Good friends make you do things (or not do things) even though you don't want to for your own good. Better friends know when NOT making you do things for your own good even though you don't want to is a better course of action. The best ones can sort through the mess and set you in the right direction even when you dont know what you should or want to do.

Last night turned out to be a drive and smoke night. Meaning I drove a lot and they smoked a little when we got there. I don't have the need to smoke ever at all and am not so sure how I feel about it, but well its only once in a while and if it is what they need then it is what they get. I will frown half heartedly and look for my keys. I, on the other hand, practice ritualistic life reduction for increased quality of life in other ways like trying to get hypothermia by chasing waves in a cold cold ocean and then trying to spin myself silly in to it. Oh and accelerating through the sharp turns- that is one of my favorites. Whatever brings catharsis. Whatever gets you back to recet. Chase the peace...or something like that.

Steph posted most of the pictures I was going to so you can wander there instead.

There are lots of thoughts but no words. Whenever I get my words back I will poem here again.

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