Thursday, July 21, 2005

Her name was McGill she called her self Lil and everyone knew her as Nancy

Oh my goodness. These past 2 days have been crazy and I have accomplished nothing to the end of getting myself packed up. But I have seen everyone I wanted to see this summer while I was home at least twice (which is a low number in my opinion) except Ryan cause I can't find him and Jandy who refuses to come back up and play with me.

I went out to the Lube two days ago with Stephen and Shuff dog. Shuff had never been. Crazy. Everyone should go at least once in their lifetime. It probly wont be the last time. It's just SOOO good. And I got wing sauce all over my nose. I think that is a good thing.

And then I was working hard and being all busy with my dressers and actually doing something and Nik called to say she was at Moraine with boyfriend Tim in tow. Well crap come on over so I can see you. She didnt make it to my house until like 9 but we had a crazy good time talking and playing pool and watching movies. It was so late they crashed at my house so we got to have another crazy time talking in the morning. And she got to see my dresser which I really wanted because I knew she would love it and would want to do it. Thats pretty much exactly what she said. "jenn I love this. I am gonna do it now." It makes me happy that we know each other so well. And they left so late that I had to leave with them to make it out to Brents

It is wicked easy to get to his house. I never even thought about getting lost. It was amazing. And we went out for pizza at the yuppie Pizza Hut which is just strange and went 4-wheeling and got to play on these crazy jumps and we stopped for a long time beside the crick and just watched the woods. We almost got crunched by a deer too and I met some of his friends which was cool. And we went swimmin in the river with the moon up way high and got to count the cars on the train (104 and 4 engines) which was weird and really cool. And then I came home and crashed right away cause I have been going non stop with people for a long time for me.

Now I have a today to get everything done that needs done before I leave. I dont think I will make it. I am gonna try anyways. I have picture to post later but that will be like a midnight break so dont wait up. - Lil

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