Sunday, July 17, 2005

A turn of events

I sulked myself onto my hammock porch (No cigars for me thanks) and sat around watching life and it just sorta came. I feel so much better. It's a crazy good turn around. I even made myself an awsome dinner. Makes me happy all over just thinking about the past two hours. mmmm. . .

Not much to say - 7/17/05 Hammock Porch

A haunting song fills the air
As the wind tickles my bottle of beer
I dont know why it reminds me of you
But I'm glad that you're not here
Because then you could see the real me
I don't hide it so well these days
It seeps out through my tone of voice
And leaves etches on my face

I'm not saying that I miss you
Though I'm far away from home
And I'm not saying that I love you
Just that I don't do well alone

A storm is rolling in fast tonight
I can feel the thunder in my soul
Sometimes I flirt with lonely
But I'd never want you to know
So I imagine I see your headlights
Pulling in this dirt track
And your not saying that you missed me
Just that you want me back

So hold out your hand and I'll come to you
And I'll let you take me home
I'm not saying that I love you
Just that I dont want to be alone

Now I can face the world again. I can cook things and clean things and pack things and sand things and paint things. Its like a good long sigh.


Ramblin' Ed said...

That was pretty good. Is it to the same guy that got the cussing out a few days ago? it?

The Red Queen said...

Muses are funny things- sometimes they just drive you crazy with that buzzing in the head- kinda like a song you cant stop singing- and they just keep going and going and then other times they take a vacation and then its like you are missing a part of yourself. I think of it as having a twin living within- evil or good, well that kinda depends on you, your mood and the brand of beer you are pouring down-- Old Millwaukee will produce one hellaiously mean, hung over muse- dont go there!!!!! Perhaps a muse on Guinesse will be absolutely 'Brilliant' and one can only guess what you get drinking Moose Drool or Flat Tire.

Coal Miner's Daughter said...

Um. . . yes. (looks ashamed)