Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A not so sunburned picture from the top of our little sunburned piece of paradise. It hints at the view (sans mountains) and showcases a pretty spectacular tree fence. (The idea is what shines- our tree fence leaves much to be desired including most of the trees and barbed wire) Posted by Picasa


Tycho said...

Sorry I haven't been able to read up on your travels... but no worries I'll get to it... Iraq has been rather busy these past few days so in turn I've been kept twice as busy... Haji... sheesh! And the heat is a killer... 130 degrees! Anywho Jenn... glad you're back catch you and the family soon.. ciao!

Ramblin' Ed said...

The whole place looks like fun. I like to get out into the villages and provinces when I travel, too. Of course, I don't actually own any of the places I visit. So you got me there.

Do you guys have a scooter? For me, that's the best. Fire up the old putt-putt and take off down the backroads. Stop at the sari-sari stores and have a cold one (sometimes cerveza, sometimes mango juice), make small talk with the locals and then move on.

I have the whole native thing down,too. I don't know if it's the same as it is in Asia where a whole family will head to the market on one scooter, shop, and head home carrying 3 things each! It's true. It's comical, frightening and astounding all at the same time. I can get me and the wife and a right fair amount of bags on the scooter, but I wimp out and stick to the back roads on my return trip. My crowning achievement so far has been the wife, 2 bags of food, aluminum shelving and a chair from Jomtien to the far side of Pattaya. But it was a little scary.

I enjoy looking at your traveling pictures. My escapades have slowed down a lot this last 9 months as I have had to concentrate on getting myself retired and all. Hopefully I'll make enough money to take the wife on some trips again. I didn't think a whole lot of the caribbean, but central and south America sound good. I've always wanted to see Belize and Chile. Don't ask me why, just do. Why do you like Aqualung?

Thanks for posting.