Friday, July 22, 2005

Mmm Dashboard

I am leaving my rolling PA hills (and humidity #&*!) for a pretty little salt marsh (and greenheads *$%) in MA. I get to spend the next 10 hours in my car. I love my car. I am gonna drive in the middle of the night. I love the middle of the night and I love driving. All I need is open road and open gas stations.

Contents of my CD player:

1. Paul Simon- Graceland
2. Counting Crows- Ghost Train
3. Train- Drops of Jupiter
4. Dexter Freebish- Leaving Town
5. Our Lady Peace- Somewhere Out There
6. Counting Crows- Have You Seen Me Lately? (acoustic)
7. Dave Matthews Band- Where Are You Going?
8. Jane's Addiction- Jane Says
9. Fuel- Bad Day
10. Matchbox 20- Push
11. Red Hot Chile Peppers- Scar Tissue
12. The Clarks- So You Can Sleep at Night
13. Rusted Root- Heaven
14. Live- Where Fishes Go
15. Bare Naked Ladies- Never is Enough
16. Sublime- What I got
17. The Grateful Dead- Truckin
18. Tom Petty- Free Falling*
19. Everclear- American Girl* (acoustic cover)

*Cause I can't seem to find the Tom Petty version of American Girl.


The Red Queen said...

Be safe Daughter of mine- may traveling mercies smile upon you this day.
Call me to let me know you have arrived safely and then you will know where your mother is too. Gotta love this adventurous life we lead!

The Red Queen said...

Thanks for leaving me a copy of your cd. I am enjoying it today as I wake up.