Wednesday, July 27, 2005

If the cat will let me type

I am not as giddy as I was when I got here nor does giddy describe my reaction to Peru currently. In all honesty it is too damn hot and humid up here to be even remotely giddy (or to compose anything other than dribbling gibberish). It takes too much energy to get excited which is so incredibly sad because deep down I am exploding into tiny little hyperactive Jenn pieces over how awsome life is but if I introspect enough to poke around I start to over heat and go into emergency shutdown mode. I spent the day hiding up in the penthouse where there is AC and a couch and internet and for some reason I am ashamed of that.

Tomorrow I have to run all over God's Good Creation and cross eyes and dot teas for the Peru excursion including a 2.5 hour (if by Gods grace I escape getting lost) trip to Connecticut. However, according to LL, it is supposed to be like 23 degrees cooler tomorrow so I think I will be able to handle myself with much Pomp and Vigor. Lets hope.

Speaking of LL, she is really turning out to be pretty spectacular and way more human that I imagined her to be. We have been talking a lot over cups of tea or long drives or just when we both happen to pass through the kitchen. Everything from fixing the closet to saving the saltmarsh to cool pottery stuff to random life events. And yeah she won big points cause she took me to the Whole Foods Market where she works sometimes and let me use her discount. That place is great cause its as big as a normal grocery store (instead of a small specialty section) so prices are normal but everything is organic or pesticide free or transfat free or whatever. (Yay grass milk and mangos and a woof loaf of bread) You dont have to read lables to see if it is bad/good for you. And of course she knows everyone which just made life that much more interesting. Very Crunchy Granola- Sign me up. To bad its wicked far away. Saturday she is having a big work day at the house and a bunch of her friends are coming to help do whatever. It runs the gammut from like walking the dog/cooking to rebuilding a bathroom. I cannot wait to see how unearthly weird the day will be because she knows some interesting characters.

I think that is all for the evening. 'The Cat' is insisting on some attention so I am either gonna tent to that or flee to my room. The storm cooled things down tonight so just maybe I can make some words line up. I wont push it. -Jn

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