Friday, July 22, 2005


I just finally got everything packed up so I am not gonna leave now. I will just go to bed early and get up in the middle of the night (when i prefer to function anyways) and start then. SO. . . for now I get to waste time online filling the web with verbage.

10* Reasons why yesterday was stellar (in relatively sequential order)

1. Brent made me a cd (that i listened to on the way home which counted as yesterday)

2. I got my phone back except it wasnt worth fixing mine so I got a brandy new one for cheaper and just switched my chip over.

3. Wes was at the gun counter again. He was the guy I talked to last time I went in wondering about binoculars so it took a lot less time. Plus he didnt treat me like an idiot, he really knew what he was talking about, and he told good stories. To top it off he was reasonably good looking. In general it was a very pleasant trip to walmart for once and I bought milk at the gun counter.

4. I got to talk to Brotha T out in front of walmart about a Christian drug rehab program that they are trying to bring to Pittsburgh. It is a great idea and he was really excited about life which carries over when you talk to someone.

5. I bought binoculars. I wasted crazy amounts of time just lookin at stuff which is exactly what you do in lab sept I was OUTSIDE. I was hoping to find a 4-leaf clover with um cause that would be a great story, but it didnt work out for me.

6. 72 swallows on the telephone wire (some sing low, some sing higher) and more flying around everywhere. It was like a convention and it was kinda creepy with them all watching me. I counted them with my binoculars for practice. .:pats self on back:.

7. I washed my car and checked all the vital signs. I love my car.

8. I made BLTs for dinner with stuff from the garden and had left over bacon for breakfast today (bonus)

9. I found out that I like rum. . . but just a little rum. . . mixed with other things. . . like a lot of sprite.

*um thats all I have so I will carry one over from today to make an even 10.

10. Tyler called today from Iraq and we talked for forever. We are going to have a James Bond marathon for days (and he is going to make me chicken wings) when he gets a chance to come home on leave. Damn I miss that kid.


3 Things that make today icky (in decreasing order of ick)

1. It is humid enough to gag a donkey (dont think to hard about that) and it refuses to rain so the appliances are fighting back. Anything that is even remotely cooler than air temp is covered in water and drooling puddles all over the floor. There is a moat around our fridge.

2. It took me forever to pack so I cant leave til later.

3. I packed my hammock


The Red Queen said...

I am glad that you decided to wait till tomorrow cause then I got to read your great blog update.
Me, I just got home from the airport/ errand running for dad with with a killer headache only to get bitched at cause I bought 2 of the wrong fittings- no Gee thanks for getting everything else I forgot to get the last 3 times I was in town or anything like that.

I am going to take a nice long nap now too.

Ramblin' Ed said...

Drive safe, monster mash.

Coal Miner's Daughter said...

You have no idea how hard it is going to be for me to get that song outa my head now. -Jn