Saturday, July 30, 2005

A hippy, a snow bird, and a yankees fan . . .

I am in a foul mood. That is to I guess justify anything that comes out of my fingers (my mouth has a pretty good filter when i turn it on) tonight. Mostly it is because I am tired. But I am also pissed off, and worried, and i have pre-trip fidgets too.

The pre-trip meeting. I left the house with enough time to be at least a half hour early. I ended up there an hour late just as she was finishing with the important information. Turns out I either wrote or read the directions wrong and either way I ended up on a road I was not supposed to ever see and by the time I got myself squared away I hit Hahtford traffic. Damn hahtford. Apparently parts of 84 were actually completely shut down as in all lanes of traffic were blocked. I missed the best parts of that at least. Damn traffic. Anyways they decided to go out to eat so I went with. About half the class came I should say. They are all raging alcoholics which I only say because I feel like that is what some of my friends would think. Very good people all of them from what I can tell. We will make fun of each other a lot and drink a lot and probly even do some research. (I mean to say they will drink a lot. I wont do any drinking. Never touch the stuff. You can't drink the water in Peru. Full of parasites.) I made it back without a problem which was reassuring. I am not completely incompetent when you let me out on my own. I just have no sense of direction during the day, and when I need to be someplace, and when I leave early in case I get lost, and when i want to make a good impression. Damn sense of direction. I guess it is the lack of one that is my problem. Damn lack. . . nevermind.

Friday was spent getting everything I possibly could set to rights before I left. I still have a lot to do but there is only so much you can fit into a friday. I fed the frog too. That is worth note because I say so. I like the frogs.

Today was saturday which meant hippies by the carload. There actually werent many of your standard hippies. But there was a yankees fan, and LLs mother, and daughter, a few real hippies and a bunch of really random other people, and a disenfranchised youth that i wanted to enfranchise right up her fat lazy ass. Lazy bitch. I dont care about these people and I am still working my ass off. What is your effing excuse. I will beat the living piss right out of you. . . ahem.

Working my ass off: I started off the day as a pack mule and I was given a brief stint as a snail and transfered to the goat division. I guess I ended the day as an eyore (how the hell do you spell his name anyways) so the world is a circle. I feel like one of the hippies is telling me my energy is good or something. damn hippies. I want to be a hippy and I am all for crunchy granola but not these ones. They ate all the meatballs. Hippies arent supposed to eat meatballs they are supposed to eat tofuck and let me eat LLs really good meatballs. They werent that good anways. Damn hippies.

Working my ass off. Me and Wendy (who i think is the most normal person I met today) started out by making a floor for a shed. It is about a 7x7 shed, maybe an 8x8 shed and we had to cover the bottom with stone, except of course it needed to be level with a chunk of cement which meant it had to be about 4 inches thick in most places. We moved at least 1 ton probly close to 2 and this is not an exageration. Then for my break I ended up starting to scrape the porch so we could stain it but someone showed up with a pressure washer so I ended up with clippers and no break. And boy did I clip. First I cleared the out by the road so i wouldnt get hit broadside by a damn masshole when i was trying to pull out of my driveway to go to class. Then i cleared out the other side cause it just looked stupid all lopsided. Then I went in to ask jill a question and found out that no one called me in for lunch and I was on the later end of getting food- not that I would have come in right away anyways cause I was in the zone man. Damn hippies. Then I started on the damn japanese knot weed that has taken over the backyard. I didnt know what it was at first. I almost cried when I found out. I will post a picture sometime of like 7 invasives in one shot. My poor marsh. My poor poor marsh. That shit is easy to clear out snip snip snip but it regrows like a banshee and itty bitty pieces of itself will make a whole new self. It doesnt even use seeds around here because it doesnt have to. And when I was too disheartend by that project I headed for the thistle patch and clipped as much as I could before the mosquitoes and greenheads got fierce. The only thing I like about greenheads is that they are big and dumb= easy to kill. Bastards. They hurt like nothing else. I have missing flesh chunks to prove it. I went in and took a shower and started on the heeps of dishes when they woke up.

But anyways we got heeps and piles and shitloads done today all around this place. God bless the hedge clippers and the pressure washer and the crockpot and the shovel and damn the paint sprayer to hell. I think LL is going to start a slow steady progression out to the back building now which is good cause after I leave she really only has 2 weeks before the lease says she is supposed to be out of here and our house is supposed to be ready. And anyways I have no ass anymore cause I worked it off. It is damn hard to stay in a chair.

Tomorrow I will make my way to church to patch my battered soul (I hope) and Monday the good Dr. B asked me to come help her work on a paper which is about the biggest honor anyone could smack me over the head with. Sometime in there I have to finish packing and put a few more ducks in a row before I can head south and it would be nice to see a few people one more time before I give myself away to the green hell. (they tell me that is what i rainforest is called- who knew) I doubt it will happen but I am getting pretty used to disapointment in that direction anyways.

I think I am going to try to compose a bit tonight because I need something to keep myself from tearing itself appart over the same stupid trains of thought. Damn the trains. but just the thought ones. They all spiral downhill to the same place anyways. And I am way to exhausted to fall asleep right away. It will be interesting anyways becuase I am way too fitfull to make nice neat verse. We will just have to see. And now if I can get my camera to work I will leave you with some pictures of my marsh.


(It is my damn marsh and no one can tell me otherwise. I chopped myself a hole through the evil weed and went for a walk on it today and it just all came back to me, the sights the smells the names of plants and creatures the crunch of a good think mat o grass. I wanted to lay down and hug it. . . sept it was wet. Really wet)


The Red Queen said...

If I was your Mother Id warsh your mouth out with soup young lady- that was just way tooooo snarly- even for you. I think some tomato will do the trick- it works for skunkiness too.

Ramblin' Ed said...

RQ- they say the apple don't fall too far from the tree. Only your apple is cursing as it falls. Nothing at all like your Sweet Polly Purebread youth.

I am so not sure how you find the energy for everything you do. I trim the branches on one grapefruit tree and I gotta go take a nap.

I found a place I want to show you guys if you ever come here. It is the next door lady's back yard. We hated each other when I was growing up, but it looks like she's come around now.

Anyway, the place is my heaven. If it were mine, I'd go into it and never come out. Paths to walk, herb gardens, orchids, clay chimeras (I think that's right, a big vase looking thing you build a fire in)in various stages - from in use to near total decay), goldfish...everything. It is so perfectly lived in and inviting.

Only place I've ever been in MA was Boston. I liked the place a lot but never understood the concept of putting so many people in a bar that it looked like a Tokyo train at rush hour. I don't really like to touch people or be touched that doggone much. Maybe I spent too much time in the woods of LA and MS, but that closeness was weird to me.

I saw the dirt that covered Ben Franklin's bones and that was a real "whoa, dude" moment. I was pretty impressed, even if it was just dirt and a headstone.

OK, be good. Rachet back the agression a notch or two, and do some good rhyming to share with the world. Damn Hippies.

Travelin' Ed

Coal Miner's Daughter said...

If I had soup I would use it. . . eat it. Lord knows I dont get my energy the all natural way because GOd didnt gift me with healthy adrenaline pumpers. I think it is just good old fashioned spite and stubornness with some unhealthy competetiveness thrown in. I will not be outdone by bush or hippy or bug or sun. . . maybe the bugs. Yah know the attitude that helped you conquer the bogonzilla bush- that is the attitude that i take towards all yard work. And I have scars to prove it. -Jn