Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rants on Toby

So I don't think I have posted this before but I am pretty sure everyone has seen it. Everyone should see it anyways. I only post this because I care. But its the sort of morbid curiosity type of care not the save the cute fuzzy bunny type of care. Honestly the site is great. Every time I go to it to check up on the furball I have a different reaction. The first time I was horrified and angry and wanted desperately to save the rabbit. The second time I was flirting with the idea that its all just a big joke- there isn't really a rabbit and even if there is they wouldn't eat it. And then I went back to look at what kinds of crap I could buy just because I wanted something random not because I care about saving Toby in earnest. Tonight I went back on a whim. The rabbit is supposed to be dead and I guess I was expecting pictures or something but I guess they got a book deal and you can preorder a book on Amazon and save the fuzzy thing from extinction. I don't know what they are putting the the book but hey why the hell not?

So tonight I was just marveling at the website as a study of people. Like the guys who made the site. I think they really do have a rabbit and one night they were sitting around drinking and someone thought it up. They were lucky enough to remember it the next day and poof Toby goes public. I think there really is a rabbit, they really did find him, and they don't actually care all that much about him, basically they will eat him. Why not? They will probly even take pictures of it but only post finished recipes and people will wonder for weeks if they really ate him or just made the stew with something else. I don't think they are bad or twisted or anything. They probly didn't think it would get this big and weren't really trying to trick people out of money but now they are on a roll so why not go with it. Typical college aged guys. I could see my friends doing it. I could see me doing it actually. (but not anymore cause I don't like to copy other peoples random ideas. It just sorta kills it)

Now look at all of the people who write in hate mails and send death threats. (They post the really good ones) Some people are mad about the extortion factor, some are mad about the rabbit death threats, some want the bunny to go to a good home some want it dead but everyone is so angry and bent out of shape. They get so angry that they use nasty words often enough to lose sense and most of the time they cant even spell. And you know they check in again and again just to get more pissed off. Its like a college prank with publicity. Honestly the more angry you get the more ridiculous you sound, the more press they get, and the more the general public enjoys the show- at your expense.

So take the people who send in money. Some are desperate and crazy and care enough about the rabbit to throw money at the guy. I don't really understand these people but I guess if you could use pay pal to donate you could just drop your 'spare change' into the save Toby dish like you do with the spinny coin droppers at the grocery store. Other people (like me if I actually had spare change) just want something random to wear around. I by shirts in the kiddy section of Salvo cause they make me laugh so why not buy one about a rabbit threat that gets national news coverage. That's right folks you have paid enough attention that NBC picked it up and ran a story on it. So go ahead, buy save Toby gear. The rabbit may just get another chance at life* and you get to strut around with pride because you are wearing controversy my friend. Who doesn't appreciate that. (and any donations of Toby gear you want to make to the Jenn is a starving college student fund I will gladly accept on her behalf.)

Still wondering why I care about this- Jn

*At the exact second I typed those words I thought of the real kicker. You heard it here first. That damn rabbit is gonna DIE before Thanksgiving (the new death date). He will just keel over and die of natural causes and no one will eat him and there will be sad gravesite pictures and everyone will be confused (and with slightly less money). End of story. Everyone goes home. That would be so depressing- like when some big game ends in a tie. . . . And it would probly serve everyone right too. Hmmm. . .


Ramblin' Ed said...

They should photograph him in a save the whales t shirt.

Besides, I never spent perfectly good money on anything furry that I wasn't gonna try to kiss towards the end of the evening.

Those are my thoughts on the matter.

Enjoy your road trip.


Coal Miner's Daughter said...

I'm not on the road. I am still home sweet home 'holding down the fort' as it were.

Ramblin' Ed said...

Oh, I musta misunderstood. Vern & the Red Queen are roadtripping up to ID? Do I have that right?

And, since you are home alone, I don't want to hear about any wild parties getting out of hand. In fact, I don't wanna hear about any wild parties, period. No more than 2 beers per guest per evening and I want everybody's hands where I can always see them.

Sure, we were wild when I was a kid. But we had to be. We all expected to be dead by 40. Not like today. You guys can expect to push 50 easy.

Travelin' Ed

Coal Miner's Daughter said...

First, How the hell can you see my hands anyways? And really I have no friends at home so the party consists of me and the cat who doesnt seem to like alcohol so there really are no worries. And Yes the 'rents are tripping it out in ID. I copped out cause I am gonna head for school before they expect to make it home. Now all your pieces should be properly placed. Sorry to bumfuzzle you - Jn