Friday, July 15, 2005

Lycopersicum esculentum

When I was a kid I usta worry about being a biologist. It just sorta seemed to me that once you figured out all the technical stuff thats all the world would be. (Kinda like when Neo figures out how to mess with the matrix ) And then all the beauty in the world would be gone. I even read an essay on it once- how scientific people lose the ability to see the world.

I donno I guess I figured out I was wrong. Instead its like the deeper you dig the more cool stuff you find out and it doesnt really stop. And I always thought my world would get smaller and I would focus in so far that I lost sight of everything else. But its really like the opposite of that. Cause when you figure out some of the details about something then you have to look all around you and say "Hey I wonder if this works the same way over here?" and then you go figure it out. (Or get a research assistant to figure it out for you- I can't wait till I get my own research assistants) And really the world just gets bigger. Never a dull moment.

And hey the random food facts come up all the time at least in my life. Like today for instance after I fed the little duckies who are not so little anymore (squeak of happiness) I wandered over to the garden. I picked myself I red ripe tomato offa the vine and ate it just like that. It was still wet from the storm this morning and it was perfect. And then you get the tomatoey bush typa smell all around you and you can hear the thunder of another storm rolling in over the hills and is just like yeah this is what summer is. One of my favorite little kid memories is pickin tomatoes during the summer and eatin them before I ever made it outta the garden.

And as I was walking around the corner to check on the progress of builder-bird I thought to myself, yah know they usta call those wolf peaches and they usta think they were poisionous and the italians didnt even have them for making sauce until after they found south america Man that musta sucked. . . . .Then I came inside and wrote it all down. -Jn

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